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The ‘Bogéna Galerie’ was set up in June 2000 in Saint Paul de Vence, headed by Bogéna Gidrol. “...

Right away, it developed its own atmosphere. The gallery is a mental image and the works echo it "A gallery owner”, explains Bogéna Gidrol, "must feel and communicate". Moving from picture to picture, it is a matter of shedding light on ideas, revelation and spiritual states. For visitors, whether knowledgeable collectors or simple art lovers, the dialogue with the work begins at once. The question is not only, “What is the place of the artist in the history of art or in the market but why do I find the work so moving,” Bogéna, who sees the work of a mediator as one who clarifies latent ideas, helps visitors to understand themselves better through the artists’ works.” Agnes DeMaistres

Bogéna Gidrol, a qualified architect and art enthusiast, presents artists that are searching for the essential while constantly evolving. She began working actively in the art world in 1995 in the USA, where she organized events and exhibitions in collaboration with galleries, in her role of exhibition curator. Her stay in Singapore with her family from 1992 to 1994, first enlightening encounter with Asia, revealed a common sensibility. From this encounter, the desire to create a link between art in Europe and Asia was born. While developing her artistic vision in France and Europe by organizing many exhibitions and installations, not only in the gallery but also outside, she also organized various events in Asia.

From 1996 to 2000, in Tokyo, Japan, Bogéna Gidrol coordinated over fifteen exhibitions in different locations and was the driving force behind numerous partnerships with Japanese galleries and museums. In collaboration with the Hasegawa Gallery, she was at the initiative of the acquisition of ‘Temoin’ [6,70 m], a monumental, major work by Franta, for the Nagoya Museum as well as the organization of two exhibitions of the artist’s work with the Hasegawa Gallery in 1997.

In 2000, she organized the Monique Frydman exhibition, «L'empreinte et la couleur» at ‘Espace Tag Heuer’ in Tokyo. Following this event, Yamanashi University ordered ten of Monique Frydman’s paintings and, subsequently, a monumental bronze sculpture by Carl Dahl. Keen to maintain links with Japan and Asia, she jointly organized the exhibition, «No Man’s Land», with Monique Frydman at the French Embassy in 2009, curated by Hélène Kelmachter.

In 2010, at her suggestion, ‘L’Absinthe’, a major work by Monique Frydman was hung in the embassy atrium for the inauguration of the new French Embassy in Japan, in the presence of Bernard Kouchner, Minister of the Foreign Affairs. From November 2011 to March 2012, Bogéna Gidrol initiated and organized an outstanding monographic exhibition of Monique Frydman’s works at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan. Bogéna Gidrol with her new business partner, Christopher Holder, set out to expand the gallery in 2013, settling in a venerable old building at the foot of Saint Paul de Vence, a village long familiar to art lovers. The new gallery premises, just a stone's throw from the Maeght Foundation, offer visitors a brand new, radically contemporary light-filled space, where each work is in silent dialogue with its surroundings. The much larger premises mean the gallery is able to play host to other creative forms, such as music and literature, creating a shared space for experiencing the best that art has to offer. Jeff Bertoncino, Carl Dahl, Franta and Monique Frydman were the first artists represented by Bogéna Galerie. Then the family grew. New, well-known artists such as James Coignard, Michel Carlin, Sophie Rocco, or young, promising talents like Nathalie Deshairs, Bernard Abril arrived in the gallery. Contemporary masters like Manolo Valdes, Antoni Tapies as well as modern masters such as Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro and Henri Matisse are also represented. The works chosen conduct a dialogue among one another while taking us into their individual worlds. In this way, feeling becomes a journey of initiation, making us face up to our own destinies and bringing to the surface traces of the pain and joy that make up the story of our lives. After her participation to Artstage Singapore in January 2013 and 2014, Bogéna Galerie presented a group show in Singapore beginning of 2014, showing a selection of works by Manolo Valdès, Antoni Tapiès, Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh Chun, Monique Frydman, Franta, James Coignard...

In March 2014, Bogéna Galerie was showing the works of Monique Frydman and Zao Wou Ki at Artparis, in the “Grand Palais”, Paris. A master piece by Zao Wou Ki was presented. In July 2014, in collaboration with the Bonnard Museum, located in Le Cannet (South of France), the gallery presented in the museum 4 paintings by Monique Frydman from the series “des saisons avec Bonnard”. In the mean time, the most important masters’ exhibition of the year, “les belles endormies”, was showed at the museum. From March 2014 up to now, the gallery settled several exhibitions indoors for the artists Nathalie Deshairs, Carl Dahl and Sophie Rocco, Monique Frydman, James Coignard and Jeff Bertoncino. Bogéna Galerie is also setting up a partnership with a Chinese foundation, in order to organize museal exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu for important contemporary artists from Occident. In France, Bogéna Galerie is setting up exhibitions for most important contemporary Chinese artists in the Centre Pompidou and others museums in South of France and Monaco.

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